Thursday, April 24, 2014


i accidentally just wrote “the soviet onion” on my paper and now i can’t stop laughing

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Chloe and I were talking about how we hope Hardscrabble has a cutie little younger wife at home and shes all protective and sweet around her bye

I only just remembered i wanted to draw it now excuse my lame monster design LMAO

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it’s funny because ants in actuallity can’t see very well and rely on a scent line left by other ants to make their way back. if that line is obstructed, they wait for another ant to come along and lay out an alternate route.

The twig of 93

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sleepovers when i’m 10: omg guys we’re going to sTAY UP ALL NIGHT AND PARTY!!!!

sleepovers when i’m 15: if you fucking make a sound after midnight you’re leaving

Anonymous asked: Imagine Bucky having to take his arm off so Tony can repair it, walking around a little self consciously with his shirt sleeves pinned up. And then for some reason (its a psychological thing, he knows it is but still can't do a damn thing about it) his missing arm starts to tingle like it's falling asleep.. then it aches, and a few hours later he's just curled up miserably on the couch trying to ignore the phantom pain and tough it out until Tony's finished.


imagine tony emerging from his lab to tell bucky that he’s done, only to find him curled up on the couch dozing fitfully, clearly in pain. he hesitates, not sure how to wake him up without startling him.

"bucky?" he says, and he’s relieved when bucky jerks awake. he notices the sheen of sweat on his forehead, and frowns.

"wha - oh. tony." bucky looks sheepish, pushing the hair out of his face nervously.

"you okay, kid?" tony asks him, concern evident. bucky shrugs.

"yeah, uh, i’m fine," he says. it’s not very convincing, and they both know it.

tony gives him a look.

"don’t bullshit me," he says. "you’re hurting. i know that look."

bucky sighs. “okay, fine, you win,” he snaps. “it’s just phantom pain in my arm, it’s not a big deal. don’t worry about it.”

"well, good news for you. i’m done with it. you can have it back. bad news for you is, you should have just told me and i would’ve given it back to you anyways."

bucky scowls at him. “but it needed repairs.”

tony shrugs. “repairs that i could’ve done with you attached to it, or in smaller sessions over a couple days,” he says. “it’s not my way or the highway here, kid.”

bucky doesn’t say anything to that, just fidgets. tony rolls his eyes.

"what i’m saying here is that you don’t need to tough everything out. think about it," he says. "now come on. let’s get the iron giant his arm back."

  • buying a roosterteeth shirt: yes hi i'd like to pay 19.95 for an inside joke




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